We are creating a patriotic historical gallery, the main purpose of which is to revive our national dignity and respect for both Ukraine and Ukrainians from the entire world community.

About the project

About the gallery

Our project is an instrument of revival of national honor and unification of all Ukrainians, while also a demonstration of gratitude to our ancestors who fought for the independence of Ukraine.

Targets and objectives

Our targets and objectives: bring up glorious pages of our national history, in which individual Ukrainians and our whole nation achieved fame, so that everybody who has Ukrainian ancestors could believe in themselves more, could feel real pride, patriotism and faith in Ukraine.

Our goal

Our goal is to increase the self-esteem of Ukrainians and grow their national consciousness by demonstrating the successes of our great ancestors and positive moments in the history of Ukraine.



  •  The museum’s grounds are patriotism, aimed at raising the national consciousness of Ukrainians.
  • All exhibits – figures of eminent Ukrainians – have information stands, where historical facts about the contribution of historical personages to the world and Ukrainian history, culture, and art are stated.
  • The exhibits in each installation are united by a common idea and a prominent historical event that gives more appeal and deepens the understanding of the relevant historical facts.
  • Each installation is accompanied by interactive audio and video content that supports the immersion of the viewer in the atmosphere of the corresponding era.
  •  The museum demonstrates the original combination of the latest technology and traditional technique of making things of certain epochs.
  •  In the museum, within 1.5 – 2 hours one can get acquainted with the centuries-old history of Ukraine in an exciting multimedia 3D form with a radio guide in different languages.


Number of exhibits
Exhibition area (m2)
Subject compositions
Pictures, maps, dioramas

Ideology of the project

At the heart of any success lies a strong ideology.
The revival of Ukraine will begin only when we unite and believe that we are one, proud, worthy nation, an equal member of the world community.
We want to remind our and future generations of the glorious deeds of our ancestors and call for the unification of all patriots around the idea of the revival of the Great European Ukraine.
The main idea is to popularize the history of our ancestors from Princess Olga to the present day.

Public message of the founder, Valery Galan


Our partners

Ukrainian Institute of national remembrance


The Solomiya Krushelnytska Musical Memorial Museum in Lviv










National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War. Memorial complex.


National Guard of Ukraine


Legal Partner
Attorneys Association Gestors

Heraldic Chamber Alexey Rudenko & Associates, LLC


Studio of plastic make-up GOLEM

National Museum of the History of Ukraine

Ukrainians in the world

Join the project

We are looking for:
• Partners. People and organizations that share project's ideology, are interested in participating in the project and want to receive dividends from it’s realization.
• Sponsors. People and organizations that are not indifferent to the situation in Ukraine and are willing to support our initiatives.
• Specialists. People who share our views and are willing to support our project with their work or knowledge.
• Like-minded people who agree with us and want to support our initiatives in any way.
We are able to overcome any trouble on our own, but with your help we will do it faster. We will become a truly conscious and successful society only when we unite for the sake of a common future.
By joining us, you have the opportunity to capture your name on the pages of Ukrainian history.
We invite all Ukrainians who are not indifferent to the fate of Ukraine and our common future, to join our cause. Together we have the opportunity to change the situation and speed up the overall changes for the better. Do not be indifferent, make your contribution to the upbringing of patriots who will know the history of their people and the names of their heroic ancestors. We already have a common history in which our idea originates, the idea that can unite us and make us proud of our historical roots. This will raise the spirituality of not only modern Ukrainians, but also of future generations. Only in this way can we revive Ukrainian patriotism. We encourage you to become active participants in our project or to implement your own projects that will help us achieve this goal.
The names of all those who joined our project will be permanently kept on the walls of the gallery, marked on the site and inscribed in the book of honorable project partners.