Who are the Ukrainians? 

History exists in chronicles, historical publications, legends, stories of our grandmothers, in folklore.
But a lot of it was lost, destroyed, forgotten. Our enemies have repeatedly “helped” us forget our history, especially those events that our people could be proud of and on which we should be able to raise our children, grandchildren and the whole Ukrainian nation!

Perhaps it is high time to create a national idea, around which we will be able to unite all Ukrainians in the world. Without a unifying idea, we will long wander around the dreams of unity, independence, a place among the nations of the world and, as it has happened many times in our history, we may again lose the opportunity, along with time, faith and the Ukraine itself.

As we all can see now, politicians and oligarchs are not to be relied upon. For the entire time of Ukraine's independence the vast majority of them has only been ruining and plundering our country, disgracing our nation to the entire world. But, unfortunately, the majority of Ukrainians, both in Ukraine and in other countries, where many conscious Ukrainians have immigrated to, are idly watching how we lose our Motherland. Yes, Motherland! Because everyone will always have their native land. Every slave has a native land. But only a patriot can have a Motherland!

You can change your place of residence, go to the other end of the world, but you can’t run from yourself. Nobody is waiting for us in other countries. Nowhere will it be better for us than on our native land!

We can’t have another Motherland, where our ancestors are buried, where our parents and our children were born, where we have been falling in love, where we dreamed.

Yes, it is hard for us to live in our country now. But we are the ones to blame. We let ourselves be mocked. We have forgotten our history, our traditions, our roots, the energy of our land. We forgot who we are, but, fortunately, there are still those who remember! Our team of like-minded people suggests joining an active community that will be able to involve all those who are not indifferent into the implementation of the project and its further development.

Our common goal is the creation of a national idea on the basis of patriotic consciousness, around which all those who are not indifferent to the fate of Ukraine will unite, unable to idly watch how the image of our country and our people is being destroyed. We suggest becoming a patriot in a proper place and starting to change the minds of Ukrainians.

We, Ukrainians, will be able to change the political and economic situation in the country and create a positive image of Ukraine only when we start believing in ourselves, in a common idea and in the possibility of change!

To raise the faith of our people, we need to return to our history, culture and remember the great Ukrainians who glorified our people. We need to recall those times when our great-grandfathers were teaching and carrying the achievements of civilization to European nations, when our soldiers defended Europe from common enemies, when our Cossacks created one of the first democratic societies and wrote a constitution.

If our ancestors in the old hard times were capable of finding solutions, making decisions and acting on them, then we are surely able as well!!!

Historians, writers, poets, playwrights and artists have been creating a positive image of the Ukrainian people.

They have been describing what our people used to experience, how they used to live and what they used to create, what they achieved, what impact they had on the development of civilization.

Others wanted and still want to change our history, language, culture, so that we do not know who we are.

This is the policy of our enemies both within the Ukraine and outside. Because they know that with a true understanding of who we are and whose descendants we are, we, Ukrainians, can not be brought to our knees.

Yes, we are Ukrainians - great-grandchildren of Kievan Ukraine-Rus’, great-grandchildren of brave Cossacks!

We are proud, talented, hard-working, strong people, and we are patriots of our Motherland!

To realize this idea, we just have to illuminate what we already have had since the old times and, most importantly, we must believe that we can do it!

We have to recall the positive pages of our history, where our country was at the height, in glory. We have to recall the names of the heroes who glorified our nation: cultural, political figures, scientists, sportsmen, poets and writers. We have to develop a concept and plan by which we will, first and foremost, reach out to the Ukrainian patriots, along with all the Ukrainians all over the world and those decent nations who we trust and who constantly support us in these difficult times.

We will show and tell who we, Ukrainians, are. We will remember ourselves, spread information around us, educate the younger Ukrainian generation, form a positive image of Ukraine in our world through our fellow Ukrainians and we will restore a pride of being called a Ukrainian.

We will raise our conscience so that we could all be proud of our nation, our Ukraine, our Motherland and ourselves!

A person who has pride and honor is a patriot of his Motherland, his city, his homeland. He will cherish his country and will not tolerate attacks neither from authority nor from outside aggressors.

We see that there is a lot of true conscious patriots in Ukraine. This was shown by the Maidan and numerous volunteers in the east of Ukraine in the ATO zone, this volunteer movement and other patriotic manifestations of our people, not only Ukrainians by blood, but also Ukrainians by heart.
Our team has developed several projects, that are a vivid example of how to raise self-esteem and conscience of our people and to improve the image of Ukraine throughout the world. So that we could be proud of the fact that we are Ukrainians, that we have such a history, culture, that we are such a talented nation and that we are worthy of it!

People who know their history have a future!

We invite everyone who are not indifferent to join the project, which, among others similar in purpose, will be able accelerate the fulfillment of such a benevolent mission.

We encourage people to join such cases in order to change conscience and through it - also our life in Ukraine.

If you like our project, then we kindly invite you to act together with us: create, develop, implement!


If you just scream it’s dark, it will never get lighter.

But if each one of us lights up at least one candlelight, it will get lighter for sure!

We call everyone in their place to light a candle with their actions, then the darkness will recede from Ukraine and the light will shine in everyone's soul and over our dear mother - Ukraine!

We are lighting another candle right now. How about you?